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if you dare to be original, prepare to be copied.


Every day that your company’s name, logo, and ideas aren’t trademarked is a day that another company may take it and use it as their own. Legally. No matter the industry, every business is at risk of competitors taking their intellectual property and claiming it as theirs.

Over 12,000 cases on intellectual property infringement are taken to United States Federal Court each year.

Many small businesses assume their brand is protected or that their business is too small (or big!) to be impacted by any type of infringement. Often, by the time they realize this isn’t true, it’s too late. Their brand has been tainted by one or more other companies using their name, likeness, or ideas. Many times the damage is irreparable.

Intellectual property fraud costs the United states hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Don’t allow your business to be the next victim.

Starting a business is a complex set of hoops to jump through, but for some reason, most states do not explain that simply starting your LLC, DBA or other types of legally recognized entity does not protect the name, brand, or ideas of your business on a national level.


While local registration does prohibit some local infringement, it is rarely explained to business owners that companies in other states may utilize your exact brand identity and even trademark it nationally to prevent you from using your own brand. Especially now in the internet age, any business selling online at all is vulnerable to infringement. 

the only way to legally protect your company’s unique brand is to trademark it. 


A registered trademark is a symbol, logo or business name that is  legally protected by the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO).  Registering a trademark establishes you as the sole owner of your business’ name and logo. After obtaining it, sole usage of your trademark is enforceable in court and ensures that your competitors are not allowed to utilize your brand’s name, logo, or ideas for their own profit.  

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Natori's Story

I started my companies because I wanted entrepreneurs to know the value add of having a solid legal foundation and what it could do for their business. I know very well that running a business takes a lot of time and hard work. My firm is designed to take the stress out of the ‘legal stuff’ so that business owners can focus on what they do best - running their business. 


MissLegalLuxe® is the company that I wish existed when I started out

practicing law on my own. Having a team of experts available to help with the process of setting up a new business, establishing proper contracts, and ensuring legal protections is incredibly valuable. Even being in the legal industry myself, there was still a lot about starting a small business that I was not familiar with. I could easily see how confusing and time-consuming this would be for those in any industry. We at MissLegalLuxe® provide a much-needed service that every business should have.

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your time is valuable. 

The trademark application and filing process can take over a year. Why spend a year or more worrying about whether or not your application is accurate, timely, and well-executed? MissLegalLuxe® makes the process as easy on you as possible so you can focus on your business, while our experts focus on keeping your business safe. 

MissLegalLuxe® makes protecting your brand simple. Your protection package includes the following:

Electronic Trademark Registration certificate

Trademark Application Submission

 Application updates via email

15-minute discovery call with MissLegalLuxe

Trademark Application Drafting

A comprehensive trademark search and detailed report analysis 

Monitoring of your Trademark during the application process

Trademark Classification Selection

The United States Patent & Trademark Office filing fee (value up to $350)


What You'll Gain With MissLegalLuxe®:

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you need to scale and grow your business to new heights

in the establishment of your business entity

of best practices for establishing legal contracts

of best practices for establishing legal contracts

Legal protection for your business doesn’t have to be complicated

MissLegalluxe® takes care of the entire process for you, ensuring your brand, your business, and your big ideas are safe.  

You love your business. MissLegalLuxe® loves keeping it safe. 

The federal trademark application process is often attempted by well-meaning business owners. Yet complex, time-consuming, and critical processes like these are best left to experts like those are LegalLuxe Law.


Natori and her team of legal experts are ready to walk you through every step of the trademark application process to ensure that your ideas, your brand, and your business are safe.


Guarantee: Our LegalLuxe guarantee is that you will receive executive-level service to make the trademark application process as smooth, simple, and efficient as possible.

Your Business isn't safe until your Brand is legally protected!

With trademark protection, suing a company for trademark infringement  costs the infringing company an average of

$3 million.

Not sure where to begin?

Schedule a Business Analysis Call determine the best legal course of action to begin protecting your business immediately!

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“Attorney Arrindell brings a plethora of experience to legal matters for her clients. She is a determined advocate for her clients and provides sound legal advice in order to ensure clients that she will defend their needs…”

Bennett David

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