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legally on the move®

A subscription style service for creators, entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to gain additional knowledge to all things legally behind their brands™️. Whether you sell a product, provide coaching services, a beauty service provider, are a tax-preparer, are self-employed, thinking about starting a business, or employ dozens of people – this  community will allow you access to not onl a community of like-minded entrepreneurs, but an array of day-to-day legal tips and resources.


If you know that you want to continue to legally protect your business, but need guidance along the way...


may be the right offer for you. No need to worry about keeping up with all the industry changes, day-to-day operations in running your brand, or googling and wasting countless hours on trying to figure out yourself the odds and ends of the legal side of your business. 


Instead,  this monthly subscription offers you peace of mind knowing that you have access to a resource of learning materials, industry experts, a private group of like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners like you, all of whom you can connect with and learn from. 

Legally On The Move®

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Legally On The Move Membership

  • Monthly Trainings

  • Access to commonly used contract templates at a special membership rate

  • A community of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Live classes from other industry experts

  • A legal launch library to support you in launching your next signature product or service

  • Access to free commonly used contract provisions to start incorporating in your business immediately

  • A video library of legal and operational resources

  • Exclusive access to live Q&A sessions with MissLegalLuxe and access to replays

Our LEGALLY ON THE MOVE subscription was developed with business owners like you in mind.  Our goal is to meet the needs of as many business owners as possible. This community style approach is structured to ensure that no matter how much time, experience, or know-how you have, you will feel supported and confident in keeping yourself well educated and. informed on ensuring your business is constantly protected.

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