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you need to scale and grow your business to new heights

in the establishment of your business entity

of best practices for establishing legal contracts

of best practices for establishing legal contracts

Busy CEOs are no longer burdened with legal worries. MissLegalLuxe® provides the expertise and support they need in order to legally establish their business’ LLC, secure their name and intellectual property with trademark protection, and learn best practices for legal contract creation, and much more. 

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I started my companies because I wanted entrepreneurs to know the value add of having a solid legal foundation and what it could do for their business. I know very well that running a business takes a lot of time and hard work. My firm is designed to take the stress out of the ‘legal stuff’ so that business owners can focus on what they do best - running their business. 


MissLegalLuxe® is the company that I wish existed when I started out

practicing law on my own. Having a team of experts available to help with the process of setting up a new business, establishing proper contracts, and ensuring legal protections is incredibly valuable. Even being in the legal industry myself, there was still a lot about starting a small business that I was not familiar with. I could easily see how confusing and time-consuming this would be for those in any industry. We at MissLegalLuxe® provide a much-needed service that every business should have.

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natori's story.

Natori Arrindell, better known as MissLegalLuxe®, is the founder of LegalLuxe Law Group and MissLegalLuxe® & Co.. Natori graduated from law school in Boston, Massachusetts, but returned to her home state of Tennessee in order to bring her expertise and experience back to her Memphis roots. Natori’s experience as an attorney includes a background in contract drafting and negotiation for Fortune 100 Companies, local and federal litigation, and providing business/brand management for emerging businesses. Natori and her team pride themselves on providing executive-level legal counsel for innovative businesses. 

Don’t just set up your
business, set it up for success 

with MissLegalLuxe® - the solid, legal foundation every business needs.

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